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We are BATFE licensed!
This allows us to bring to you the best product, in a legal fashion, today and tomorrow. We pride ourselves on our reliability, based upon quality chemicals. You will never get fertilizer from us.

We are shooters ourselves!

Not only do we make great products, but use them ourselves. This allows us to identify problem issues, innovate, and do proper quality control, assuring that you receive the best product on the market..

We actually do the science!
Most reactive target builders use the same recipe as has been used for generations (1916 to be exact). We take the time to develop the best products on the market, with brand new formulas, designed specifically for high performance while shooting, not blasting quarries.

There is nothing stronger than the products we make, or at least that can be bought without a license, and we take pride in that statement.


  • Yucca, Arizona, United States

“For further information regarding Federal Law applicable to Binary Rifle Targets, click here”


Note under Manufacturing: a person who combines binary targets for non-commercial purposes is exempt from Federal licensing requirements